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Meet The Lins!
(back) Dad, Mom (middle) Lissy, Grandma, Grandpa, Ki-Ki (front) Dog, Pacy, Cat (very front) Mouse

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Family Unit:
Rain Dragon, Grace, Sasquatch

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In 2010, Grace married a Sasquatch. Here are some facts you might might not know about Sasquatches:

  1. The native habitat of a Sasquatch is Montreal, Canada. Not Toronto or Vancouver, because Sasquatches are Montreal snobs.
  2. The strange grunts and gibberish the Saquatch speaks is actually French.
  3. Sasquatches are allergic to tree nuts but not peanuts, because peanuts are a legume.
  4. It's a mystery that Sasquatches know what a legume is.
  5. Sasquatches don't exist. That's just a man in a gorilla suit!