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Meet The Lins!
(back) Dad, Mom (middle) Lissy, Grandma, Grandpa, Ki-Ki (front) Dog, Pacy, Cat (very front) Mouse

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in memory

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Family Unit:
Rain Dragon, Grace, Sasquatch

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chemist, older sister

When Grace was a baby, before Ki-ki was born, Lissy was really jealous of Grace. One day, Mom and Dad took the kids to visit their aunt. Grace soon fell asleep, so Mom tucked her into one of the bedrooms and then left to gossip with the family. Soon she heard the baby crying. She went to the bedroom and found it locked. Mom did however hear Lissy laughing and Grace crying even louder. By this time, everyone was crowding around the bedroom door to see what the commotion was about. Grace's mother looked through the keyhole and saw Lissy jiggling the bed so that Grace was bouncing. The louder the baby cried, the louder she laughed. The entire family laughs about this now.