Frequently Asked Questions: If you have a question for Grace, please check if the answer is HERE or if one of these people can help you:

Would you like Grace to come for a school visit? Would you like to schedule a Skype visit? Please contact Aimee Maclagger at

Do you want to publish Grace's work or are interested in acquiring rights to it? Contact Rebecca Sherman ( at Writer's House.

Want to arrange an interview or need more press info and or materials than you can find here? Contact Kristina Pisciotta ( at Little, Brown & Co.

Something else? Contact Alex at (Please do not use this address if you need a timely response. If you require an answer and do not with to use a public route such as Facebook, we suggest you contact Grace's visits coordinator, Aimee)

Want to send Grace a letter or a self-addressed stamped envelope for an autographed bookplate? Send snail mail to:
Grace Lin
PO Box 60334
Florence, MA 01062

Really want to get in touch with Grace directly? The best way is to fan her facebook page or comment on her blog. Grace does not e-mail kids (sorry!) but if you write her a letter via the mail, she will write you back (though sometimes it takes a while).